The word Gospel literally means good news.
News is an announcement about what is true; what has happened.

The Bible tells us the Gospel is all about Jesus and what He has done.
The good news is that Jesus is the Messiah, which means Anointed One or King.
In other words, Jesus is Lord.

The good news of who Jesus is comes connected to what Jesus did

Jesus came preaching the arrival of God’s kingdom, that is, God's reign and rule on earth. In contrast to emperors and tyrant leaders, Jesus brought a kingdom of peace and joy; one that set people free from the oppression of sin, guilt, shame and ultimately death. He demonstrated His kingdom's power by healing the sick, restoring lepers, raising the dead and casting out evil spirits. He acted and spoke as if the promises and hopes of Israel’s Scriptures were fulfilled in Him. His followers understood Him to be the promised one who would restore all things as the ultimate priest, prophet and king. He was God returning to His throne.

But a kingdom has a price. The kingdoms of earth come at the price of human lives. The kingdom of heaven came at the price of one life. The life of God’s Son, Jesus.

Jesus was crucified for our sins. He was buried and three days later was physically resurrected from the dead. He appeared to His disciples and many others until He ascended to heaven. All of this happened in fulfillment of the Scripture’s promises.

In the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, God deals both mercifully and justly, with the guilt and brokenness of humanity.

While the kingdom’s price is paid in full by Jesus, it must also be consciously embraced. We enter this kingdom by faith. When we trust that Jesus is Lord, we do so by surrendering the right to rule ourselves and go our own way. Instead we submit to Jesus’ way of life and peace.

The Gospel is news about God’s grace. We enter a relationship with God by trusting Jesus’ sacrificial death on our behalf. We don’t need to lean on our performance or our moral effort to be right with God, ourselves or others. Instead, God’s grace, based on what Jesus has done, determines us to be right with Him. His outpoured love into our lives gives us the resources we need to live a new life, under the rule and care of Jesus.

Belonging to Jesus’ kingdom means our sins are forgiven, and God’s Holy Spirit is sent into our lives to be our constant connection to God, and power to live His way. With the Spirit of God in our lives, we have the guarantee of eternal life and the hope of resurrection after death. We are adopted into God’s family – the Church. We grow into the lifestyle of Jesus together, as we serve and love one another in His name. As members of His kingdom, we are called to be witnesses of Jesus’ work in our lives and to join God in His kingdom works in the world by loving, serving, and proclaiming Jesus’ story.

See Acts 2:14-47; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11; 20-28; Romans 10:9-13

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