Giving is about worship 

Jesus talked about money more than any other subject. He knew our hearts, desires, and allegiances are tied to our belongings. Giving keeps our focus on Christ. It frees us to live as He wants.

Giving is about gratitude 

We give out of thanks to God, for who He is, and what He has done. Everything we have is a gift from Him and we want to give some back.

Giving is about stewardship

We are tempted to talk about what we have as “our stuff,” but Scripture says “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it,” including us. We have to take care of what God has given to us. We must use what we have for God’s purposes. This pleases God and lets us be a part of what He is doing, experiencing joy and partnership with Him.

Giving is about love

People in the early church loved each other. They shared what they had to make sure no one was in need. They loved gladly and practically. This is part of being family.


Give Online

Make a one-time gift  or set up recurring gifts now through our secure online tool, PushPay. (learn more)

Give through our app

If you haven't done so already, download the app form the App Store™ for Apple™ iOS and from Google Play for Android. Select "GIVE" on the app.

Give Cash or Check

Envelopes for cash gifts are available on Sunday or at the church office.  Please feel free to drop the envelope in the offering during service. (learn more

Give via Text Message

If you would like to text to give, you can do so by texting "cmbcpdx" to 77977. You will receive a link to direct you.  

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